OPINION: Pray for little Jack

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A LITTLE boy aged just 12 years old lies in peril tonight, fighting for his life.

His brother is already with the angels, snatched from this life in a tragic house fire in Penistone at just nine years of age.

Investigators have intimated that the father of the children started the blaze. They have declared it suspicious, but are not seeking anyone else.

Many media outlets will lead with the fact that Darren Sykes, 44 – who also died in the blaze on Tennyson Close – may have killed one of his children and attempted to kill another.


Little boy fighting for life in hospital after house fire

What I’m asking people to do is pray for little Jack.

Before I became a father six months ago, I doubt I’d have been moved to tears by this tragedy. I was.

Prior to that I doubt I could have summoned the spirituality to ask others to join in one prayer that might just help a shattered mother to stay strong for her little boy.

So today I beg of you all to pray for Jack. Irrespective of what may or may not have happened in that house, there is a young life that we must hope and pray can make it.

His school friends need him. His mum needs him. If you do nothing else today I implore you to take a moment out of your day to pray for that little boy.

by James Mitchinson