Opinion: Parking fines have to add up

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Parking fees, fines and restrictions always attract a lot of attention. And it is also an issue that inevitably leads back to the question of: where does all the money go?

Today The Star reveals that more than 65,000 motorists in Sheffield were hit with a parking fine in one year – an increase of 12 per cent on the previous year.

There are mitigating factors for the increase, such as the introduction of Sunday parking charges and extending evening charges but, even so, that is an awful lot of people who will have gone home much lighter in the pocket after a journey to work or for entertainment.

Some form of parking fees are needed to prevent a free-for-all in certain areas. There is also a need for a deterrent when people exceed the length of time they have paid for.

What most object to is the feeling that parking is used as a money-making scheme rather than just paying for the costs of enforcing the restrictions.

The best part of £5m was collected from motorists from pay and display machines alone across the city. Does all this money go straight back into pay and display provision?

We accept that parking fees, fines and restrictions are a part of life, however we won’t stop asking questions about them.