Opinion: Our city is in pocket

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As the city gets set to once again become the focus of the snooker world, it’s good to reflect on how good the green baize has been to Sheffield - and vice versa.

Of course, Sheffield has done a magnificent job of hosting the championships for years now. But it’s more than that. Wherever you go in the world, if you mention Sheffield, and specifically The Crucible, people will think of the gentle game. Snooker has been good for Sheffield - and Sheffield has been great for snooker.

Museums not history

News that donations to Sheffield museums have soared will gladden the hearts of those who fear for the future of these treasures. Gifts to the museums have almost trebled in the last three years - truly an astonishing increase. It’s likely the cuts in funding that museums have suffered will have encouraged people to put their hands in their pockets. And while you might regret the fact that this has been necessary, you have to be impressed that the people of Sheffield have voted with their spare change. It would be a tragedy if the city were to lose these priceless gems - and it seems that we are not prepared to stand by and watch them go under.

Big Switch is a bonus

It’s good to see power being put into the hands of the consumer - rather than the power companies. The Big Sheffield Switch scheme encouraged householders to be proactive in signing up - and they have been rewarded with a deal better than they could have got by themselves. Energy companies are only too keen to sign up so many customers at once and will offer their keenest deal to achieve that. The council are considering another round of this scheme, in which more households will be encouraged to sign up and benefit. Surely worth considering?