Opinion: Old town hall needs a future

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Sheffield’s Old Town Hall was once a cornerstone of the city’s democracy and justice but it has been left to rot, slowly crumbling away.

The pictures we are showing today demonstrate just how much damage has been done to the building since 1996, when it was left dormant.

The historic building has been owned by a pair of private, London-based businessmen since 2004, but campaigners say it is ‘suffering from increased neglect’.

Some people have no respect for the past nor understand why it means so much to others.

However, Sheffield is a proud city with people who care passionately about it - the recent petition to save buildings on Devonshire Street is proof of that.

Seeing a building as wonderful as the Old Town Hall being allowed to fall into disrepair for no discernible reason should make people sit up and take notice.

There are exciting plans for various parts of the city being proposed at the moment. There is a real feel that the city centre could be, with time, what it should be.

Other northern city’s have merged old and new to great success.

The Old Town Hall deserves to play a key part in Sheffield’s future as well as its history.

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