OPINION: New chapter for libraries

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It is fantastic news that libraries across Sheffield have been saved from closure after community groups had their business plans approved to take over their running.

The new chapter will see community groups run 15 libraries across the city which were relinquished from council control in a controversial cash-saving measure.

However, saving the libraries is only the first step in keeping them at the heart of our communities.

Campaigners have fought hard and, in the end, have won the right to run their own libraries.

The public have shown their support and goodwill but must now back that up by making use of their local library’s facilities.

The libraries themselves also have to adapt and change to the way people live their lives in a digital world. Already the groups are talking positively about the challenges ahead.

Not all libraries across the city will be managed in the same way. Some remain under council control while others will receive various levels of council support over a set period of time.

The campaigners must be congratulated on their success and supported as the hard work begins in putting their plans into practice.