OPINION: Losing files, losing trust

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It has not been a very good year for South Yorkshire authorities. Between the Rotherham abuse, the ongoing Hillsborough inquests and a slew of high-profile departures – the latest being former Chief Constable Med Hughes – it’s fair to say councils and bodies across our region have never been under greater scrutiny.

It’s never been more important, then, that The Star continues to shine a light on authorities region-wide, writes Alex Evans.

The revelation that Sheffield Council has mistakenly published people’s names online, lost a file of children’s names and sent personal details to the wrong addresses is deeply concerning in an age of increasing awareness of data privacy.

While the figures showed ‘just’ 22 breaches – and the council stresses it has never been fined by the Information Commissioners Office – just one mistake is too many when it comes to the sharing of people’s private details.

Councils, like government and police, are trusted with an increasingly detailed set of data on all of us, many would argue too much. We need to know that our private information is exactly that, with no exceptions. Carelessness costs lives? It certainly kills trust. And we really need some trust right now.