OPINION: Listen to GP’s message

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It should be a concern to us all that South Yorkshire GPs are being driven away from their profession due to the huge strain they are under.

One-third of GPs in the region are considering retiring and nearly one in ten are tempted to leave the country to work elsewhere, according to worrying new figures from the British Medical Association.

GPs have high respect in our society.

They are people who are trusted with our lives from our very first days right through to the end.

We expect a lot from them and we would like them to be available when we need them.

However, increasingly, that isn’t the case. Getting an appointment to see your GP is difficult and home visits are rare.

GPs work hard to get to their position and continue to have heavy workloads while in practice.

They are well rewarded for their efforts but they’re as human as the patients they treat.

It is unlikely they’ll get, nor ask for, much sympathy – we all have our own stresses and strains.

But the message should still be listened to because GPs are at the very heart of our family lives and we need them to be motivated to give us the best possible service.