Opinion: Keep up road safety work

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The Star: Opinion.
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It is good news for everyone that the number of people killed on our roads is at an all time low. In fact, the figure has halved in the last two years.

Well done to all those involved in the recent awareness campaign but everyone has to work together to make sure it continues. We all have our part to play, whether you are a driver or pedestrian. It takes just a second for things to go tragically wrong and, equally, just a second to double check and make sure the roads are safe to cross or drive on. Schools are often among the most dangerous places with the rush to drop children off and pick them up later in the day. So it is never too early to make sure youngsters know how to keep safe. As Joanne Wehrle, from the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, says we must not become complacent. After all, none of us want a knock on the door telling us a loved one was involved in an accident.

You can help lower crime

So many of us complain about problems in our own neighbourhoods but what do we actually do about it? Enough to put an end to it in some cases. Thanks must go to everyone who gave a tip-off to police and helped clean up their own area. A total of £300,000 of drugs has been seized because of you. That is impressive on any scale and just shows that it is down to all of us to help the police help us all.

Keep aiming for million

Don’t stop now David and Jean Fyfe. This pair of fantastic fundraisers are on course to raise an enormous £1 million for Sheffield Children’s Hospital. They are responsible for the annual Daffodil Ball which has already helped provide several pieces of ground-breaking medical equipment to treat sick youngsters. This year’s event raised more than £25,500 – taking their overall fundraising total to more than £928,000. Nearly there...