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Gareth Barrett seems like a decent bloke.

He does his job like the rest of us – conscientious, uses a bit of nous and exercises his judgement when it’s called for.

And yet every day he’s on the receiving end of verbal abuse. Worse, he’s even been physically threatened.

Why? All because he earns his brass as a traffic warden.

He doesn’t make the rules.

He’s not writing ticket after ticket to meet targets decreed from above.

But that doesn’t stop him being a victim of the public at its very worst.

Anyone in a customer-facing job these days deserves a medal .

But traffic wardens do come in for the very worst treatment when we break the rules.

Police have been called out 60 times to assist a warden when a motorist has turned nasty.

The thing is, those rules are there to keep traffic moving freely across the city .

We don’t like being held up in traffic jams either – so what would we prefer, a free for all or some semblance of order to help us get from A to B?

Gareth describes his role as a “necessary evil”.

Traffic wardens are just the messengers – and don’t deserve to be shot.