OPINION: Judge right to lock up idiots

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GLAMORISING guns is something only an idiot would do.

So look at the three balaclava-clad thugs doing precisely that in today’s Star.

Damien Wiliams, Harry Marritt and Joseph Carnell doubtless felt very impressed by their efforts after posing with a gun and taking pictures of themselves.

How brave they must have felt as they bragged to each other about their exploits.

We wonder how they feel today, locked up after a judge rightly punished them for their stupidity.

They offered a string of feeble excuses. The gun was not loaded, it never left Williams’ home and they posed for just a few seconds.

So what. As the judge rightly said, their poses are those normally associated with terrorists.

The pictures are offensive to ordinary people and show sheer stupidity.

We are glad the guilty men were locked up because portraying firearms in a glamorous way is a direct threat to society.

Let their fate be a lesson to others who may ponder such a foolhardy act.

Compromise key to parking issue

THE parking problem at Crystal Peaks shopping centre is a familiar story.

Staff parking spaces do not match staff numbers so those who can’t get in are parking on the street.

The issue at Crystal Peaks has come to a head because a four-hour parking limit is now being enforced.

So some staff have started parking in surrounding residential areas including the Flower Estate, at Beighton, and housing areas on the western side of Crystal Peaks.

Not surprisingly, the residents are less than impressed.

How can this be resolved? Stores must encourage staff to use alternative means of getting to work including cycling and using the park and ride scheme. Crystal Peaks should also review its four-hour policy.

There has to be some compromise on all sides or the situation will fester with no winners.

Artist’s willpower

ARTIST Bernie Carroll did a remarkable day’s work in Sheffield, when he visited 79 pubs in a day.

As today’s Diary reveals, he left every one as sober as when he arrived.

That’s because he was drawing a Heritage Pub Crawl poster which is now on sale. It’s fascinating and a testimony to Bernie’s iron willpower!