OPINION: Inspiring trio are making a difference

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Nobody knows how to write any more; thanks to the internet, Twitter and texting, an entire generation is growing up communicating entirely in abbreviations, emoji and cat pictures with funny captions on.

At least, that’s what the more cynical would have you believe.

But there’s one little Sheffield lad who is proving that is simply not true.

Six-year-old Flynn Rogers has been crowned one of two Yorkshire winners of Royal Mail’s Young Letter Writer of the Year competition.

The youngster’s interest in reading, lifeboats and geography resulted in a piece of prize-winning prose.

It’s proof that there is still a future for the traditional written word when there are youngsters out there with an interest in bucking the trend.

We can only hope Flynn’s efforts inspire some other youngsters to keep writing, and not just on iPads and smartphones.

It’s not the only inspiring story on our pages today.

Lisa Andrews, of Foxhill, has vowed not to let her radial dysplasia – a condition which results in hands and arm defects – hold her back from completing a 12-mile obstacle course.

“I never classed myself as disabled and I never will. If there is something I can’t do then I will find a way to do it, and often better than everyone else,” the Parson Cross hairdresser says.

What an utterly inspiring woman.

If she can complete such a difficult event that anyone would struggle to manage, while raising money in the process, then frankly it puts people like myself who can barely manage 15 minutes on a treadmill to shame.

Andy Broomhead, aged 34, from Chapeltown, has been handed an award for his hard work helping people with diabetes.

It’s great to see his efforts being recognised, too.

Flynn, Lisa and Andy must all be praised for what they have achieved.

We can only hope that they inspire more people to follow their lead.

We can never have too many people trying to make a difference, battling the odds and raising awareness.

We will always shine a light on such individuals in a bid to inspire as many people as possible to follow suit.

We had a great response to our community hero appeal last week, and we will continue to appeal for more worthy individuals to come forward and have their stories told.

So email news@thestar.co.uk and let us know who else deserves the spotlight – maybe you might even be inspired by these three heroes to take positive action today.