OPINION: How we can aid the NHS

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The pressure on our NHS is never-ending, as demand increases while budgets are revised and despite this our expectation is that it will be there for us.

This is a mark of how much we trust the hospitals, doctors, nurses and ambulance service which operate in this city.

The country is proud of the NHS and the vast majority of us believe it comes good when it really matters because we are served by dedicated professionals.

And it appears our faith is well-founded, according to the results of a watchdog’s report.

Inspectors gave Sheffield’s hospitals a clean bill of health as the Care Quality Commission reported patients were well looked after, staff were hard-working and services were up to scratch.

This is praise indeed and is worthwhile because it is based on the views of those most affected – the patients.

But perhaps more gratifying is the fact that the hospitals are not resting on their laurels.

Bosses say they are proud but not complacent.

And this is the key to success. Praise is always welcome but there must be recognition that there is always room for improvement.

We can play a part in the drive to make the NHS even better as the demands placed on the 999 services show.

Hoax calls continue to hinder the emergency crews and the number of alcohol-related incidents remains a cause for concern.

We want the NHS to help us so we should help it.

Most of us know our limits and we should stick to them, not only for our own sake, but for others too.

The consequences of over-indulging are obvious in the increased number of calls to ambulance crews.

So let’s follow the example of that well-worn saying – everything in moderation.

We don’t wish to dampen the new year cheer, let’s keep the optimism a new start brings and pledge to help the services which help us.

We’re in it together and the more we do for ourselves, the less we rely on those which should be used in an emergency only.