Opinion: Helping hand to the young

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It is good news that more than 1,000 Sheffield youngsters are set to benefit from a new £3 million fund to tackle youth unemployment.

Disadvantaged young people aged 14 to 17 will be able to participate in the Futureshapers programme, which will help them move into the world of adulthood and employment.

The project will run for three years and aims to help young people by building their skills and confidence, supporting their academic achievement, and helping them develop new skills to give them the best chance to gain long-term employment. Often young people find it difficult to break the cycle of unemployment, which may run down several generations of their family.

The vast majority of unemployed people will tell you they want to work, but it is often not as simple as ‘just finding a job’.

Any help that can be given to the young, so they avoid leaving education and heading straight to the job centre, is worth trying.

However, those on the scheme must appreciate the effort and money that will be put into their lives using tax payers’ cash.

Working is part of being an adult, but so is taking responsibility for your own life.