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It’s a natural desire for parents to want to wrap their children in cotton wool but sometimes, no matter how much they try to protect them, something happens that’s beyond their control.

A child becoming poorly is a classic example, and when the situation occurs, it’s imperative parents know their child is in the best possible hands.

So where would we be without the city’s children’s hospital that treats some 245,000 poorly youngsters every year?

It’s easy to take the facility for granted but the only way it can continue its amazing work is through constant support and investment.

This is why The Star is backing The Children’s Hospital Charity’s Make it Better appeal which will fund a much-needed extension. A walk along the hospital’s corridors meeting dedicated staff, brave parents and the incredible young parents instantly highlights what a huge difference this would make.

So while there are many worthy causes for the people of Sheffield to support, today on Make it Better Day we hope readers will reinforce our backing and donate to the appeal.

By Rachel Parry,

Senior Reporter