Opinion: Help animal centre work

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It’s an unfortunate fact that thousands of pets are shamefully mistreated or abandoned in our city every year.

Thankfully, many are found refuge in shelters such as the RSPCA’s Sheffield Animal Centre where they are cared for, rehabilitated and hopefully move on to a new loving home. But we can’t and we must not take that for granted. This week comes the startling news that the centre is facing a cash crisis so severe it could result in animals desperately in need of help, being turned away. To stop that from happening the centre is appealing for help The alternative is to cover the £2,000 per day costs incurred to give these animals a chance. In this day and age of austerity cuts Sheffield RSPCA, which is entirely funded by local donations, may seem to be asking a lot. But if they are unable to care for these poor animals who will?

Sign up for donor drive

The news that almost 9,000 people in Sheffield have signed up to become an organ donor since the start of the Gift of Life campaign means more lives will be saved. Every day, three people die waiting for a transplant, and this incredible boost will make such a difference. But with just a month to go before the British Transplant Games come to Sheffield, we urge our readers to sign up and help meet the campaigns target of 12,000 extra local donors on the NHS register. It may sound like merely numbers but your actions today could save somebody else’s life in the future.

showing initiative

It is good to see bus drivers working with blind passengers so both parties can better understand each others’ frustration. Working together always pays dividends and we congratulate the bus companies and blind charity for showing initiative and joining forces so everyone benefits. We hope other organisations follow suit.