OPINION: Health is a local matter

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Often it is only when our health is under threat do we change our lifestyles and the same could be true of how we view the health service.

It’s always there for us, available 24 hours a day in emergencies – a safety net that we hope not to need.

However, for some people it is a part of everyday life and accessing local services is vital to their well-being on a day-to-day basis. So it is worrying that Sothall and Beighton Medical Practice says national changes to how surgeries are funded mean it can no longer afford to keep the same level of service at its two sites.

It has now launched a consultation on whether the Beighton building should close, with services transferred to its Sothall surgery.

Naturally those affected by the proposals have responded with anger, particularly patients in Beighton, who say they don’t understand why the site is earmarked for potential closure when it underwent a major refurbishment just a couple of years ago.

The huge cost of the National Health Service means it is inevitable there will be changes to the way it is funded in years to come. Let’s hope the local elements – that people hold so dear – won’t be affected too much as decisions are made.