Opinion: Hard to judge the tables

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Whenever standards in education are talked about there has to be some care taken when considering the results.

We have to remember that when schools are being judged we are discussing young people and measuring them in a way that ends up being analysed in black and white terms or a page or spreadsheet.

And that is why we think it is unfair when the goalposts are being continually moved when setting targets.

Improvements have been promised across the region, but serious concerns have been raised about the validity of the Government’s findings after three of the city’s biggest schools failed to hit minimum targets.

Falling pass rates across the country have been reflected in South Yorkshire after ministers toughened exams and banned resit results and some vocational qualifications from school tables.

Of course there has to be some form of measuring how well a school is performing. But all schools, like the pupils, are unique.

League tables in themselves are a whole other area of debate but to also keep changing the rules for how the results are arrived at must be maddening for hard-working teachers.

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