OPINION: Great news for future

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The story of the Sum Studios is an encouraging one for Sheffield’s future. 
And the fact it has sprung up from an historic building once in a state of disrepair seems very fitting. 
From the crumbling remains of a Victorian school building, a new home for the modern businesses that Sheffield seems to keep producing has risen. 
Where once the city was a giant of heavy industry, it is now becoming a leader in a new form of commerce and forging ahead in that direction. 
And places like the Sum Studio and the likes of Electric Works are helping to provide suitable homes for those that will drive the city forward into the future.
The speed with which the Sum Studio project has been completed is also an indicator that ideas, businesses and innovation need to move quickly these days.
It seems as though Sheffield business recognises this and is ready to act accordingly.

Listening to older views

How encouraging to hear of the Sheffield University project to involve older people’s views in the design of technology products. It’s been said that anything invented before you were born is just ‘stuff’. So for a child of the 1980s, setting a video recorder often became second nature while their parents and grandparents watched them and scratched their heads. 
As we move into an increasingly technological future, it’s absolutely right that the designs should reflect the needs and desires of all elements of our society.

Give a dog a good home

It‘s hard to imagine that Mikey, the latest star of our Give a Dog a Home campaign, is going to be sitting on the shelf for very long.
With his cute-as-a-button looks and playful personality, this boxer cross should prove a knockout for the owner who can give him the right home.