OPINION: Goodbye to our Star Man

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THERE’S a Star man headed for pastures new today as award-winning journalist Martin Smith calls it a day on York Street.

‘Let the children use it’ is rather an apt line from David Bowie’s hit as one of The Star’s most revered reporting lights heads off to teach the trade to the next generation: I think he might just blow the minds of his protégés at Sheffield Hallam.

In my relatively short career as an Editor there are few talents I’ve come across quite like him. Such is his grasp of the English language that I reckon his parents might have called him Word.

His 22 years at The Star have elevated him to a place where a nod or a grunt of approval from him, a man who has a cabinet full of industry awards, makes your day.

‘Good, that’, he’ll say. Whilst you may think such an erudite columnist could reach for a sexier superlative, there are few higher compliments to be had in the newsroom.

And so from one Mansfield/Worksop trainee to another, thank you for choosing to spend the last quarter of a century painting a picture of life for the people of Sheffield and beyond.

Re: your new venture. Don’t blow it. You know it’s all worthwhile.

by James Mitchinson