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I doubt very much it will have escaped the attention of even the least observant reader of The Star, but in case it has today is ‘Go Green Day’ and we’re determined to do our bit to support it.

Rarely will this newspaper meddle with its branding, but we’ve transformed the city’s iconic Star logo to signify our wholehearted backing for what is an NSPCC initiative. It must not go unsaid that Sheffield has the unenviable mantle of having the largest NSPCC centre in the UK – that’s because there are more vulnerable children who need extra care, support and indeed love than anywhere else in the country. Anything any of us can do to help change that for the better would be welcome progress. And whilst there will be those who go in for a Noel’s House Party-esque gunging for the greater good, as well as folk splashing around in bath tubs full of mushy peas and so on, it is enough to wear a green jumper or cardigan, and use it as an excuse to tell people about ‘Go Green Day’. That little effort might be enough to prompt somebody to pledge just £1 by texting GOGREEN to 70744. Just £1, that’s all and you will be helping children across Sheffield, and indeed the UK. It is not a coincidence that we use our page three today to launch the Help a Child Have a Chance, For the Twelve Days of Christmas Appeal. The appeal provides a cash pot of £10,000 to make a difference to the people that need it the most. The now annual appeal, following its inception in 2011, will upset some people reading through the tales of hurt, but we make no apology for that. The appeal has to date helped more than 850 children. Those youngsters will be poorly, disadvantaged and vulnerable. Just this Saturday gone I attended The Children’s Hospital Charity Winter Ball to help raise £107,000 for the cause. Together we are making a difference, so please – Go Green today, and if you can spare a little something, you will be making a difference.