OPINION: Give yourself chance to vote

Have your say

They say you can’t complain about the result if you don’t vote.

But startling figures which we report today show that some people aren’t even giving themselves a choice of whether or not to put their ‘x’ in a box. More than 45,000 Sheffield voters have still not registered for what has been called the ‘most important election in a generation’.

Census figures show there are 439,387 people aged over 18 in Sheffield and around 394,000 adults are now on the electoral register – meaning 45,387, or around 10 per cent, have not signed up to vote.

Maybe it is disenfranchisement with politics that is stopping people registering.

Some will say that not casting a vote is in itself a political act.

But for that to make sense you’d need to be registered to make more of an impact with your protest.

Voting, or not, is an important right in our democracy.

However, not registering to vote by the April 20 deadline will mean that on May 7 you won’t even give yourself a chance to make a difference.

It’s not often that politicians agree with each other but on this issue they stand as one, and we’re with them. Get yourself registered.