OPINION: Give a child a home

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As a soldier, Martin Betts saw a bit of life and did a very worthwhile job serving Queen and country.

But at the age of 49, Martin has really found his niche, the job that gives him the satisfaction of knowing that he really has made a difference.

Single dad Martin is one of a new breed of foster parents.

He’s currently offering love, support, security and care to three boys aged five, nine and 11 – and loving every minute of that demanding but rewarding life.

Family breakdown, social problems and health issues mean there’s a growing need for loving homes for South Yorkshire children.

More foster parents are wanted – and here’s the thing, almost anyone with a big heart can help rebuild a child’s shattered life – age, sex, employment status are no barrier these days.

Any parent knows how great it is to see your own child grow up into a happy and healthy adult.

Imagine how fantastic it would be to offer a troubled child the same chance in life?

South Yorkshire needs more people like Martin, who are prepared to open up their hearts and their homes.