OPINION: Fly-tippers are pathetic

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It is a matter of respect. Respect for the people around you, respect for the environment you live in and, vitally, respect for yourself.

Today we reveal the hotspots for fly-tipping in Sheffield. Each bag of rubbish, piece of litter or, remarkably, an American-style fridge has been discarded by someone lacking respect. That person knows it is wrong to do it but does it anyway.

If – and it is a big if – they are unaware that littering and fly-tipping is wrong then we can only guess at the disgusting lives they must lead.

There will always be an excuse. The council will get blamed, they’ll say there aren’t sufficient tips or their bins don’t get emptied enough. But they’re wrong. The only people to blame are themselves.

Of course there are worse crimes. Littering and fly-tipping may seem trivial to those that do it.


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They probably aren’t bothered that the rest of us, who do care about the consequences of our areas becoming rat-infested and looking run-down, think of them as pathetic, selfish creatures who don’t have the wit to clear up after themselves.

It is a tough job to catch these people but should the authorities be successful then substantial penalties must be handed down.