OPINION: Flood defence cash welcome

Opinion: Star editorial comment.
Opinion: Star editorial comment.
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IN a week that has seen devastating flooding across the country, we have been reminded of the havoc caused in our own city five years ago.

The Don Valley region is today still scarred by the floods which claimed a life and wrecked businesses and homes.

Every time there is a deluge, anticipation of a return of those floods rises.

So today’s announcement of a possible £22m investment to restart the flood defence work around that area will bring a collective sigh of relief.

Funding for flood defence work was cut with the abolition of Yorkshire Forward. It would have been a scandal had this city suffered flooding because of that decision.

The promised investment is overdue but no less welcome. As Nick Clegg says: “Our city knows only too well the devastating damage serious flooding can do.”

We have seen that elsewhere in the country this week and we have also seen how flood defence work has saved countless homes and businesses this time round.

It is time our flood defences are complete.

Let the good work continue

THE ambitious road resurfacing and repair programme is set to roll into the New Year with 19 more zones identified for work in 2013.

We are pleased to report that so far the work has gone pretty smoothly.

No-one thought this work, which will see every road and pavement, and street lamp repaired and replaced, would go withougt a hitch.

And the key request from those involved in delivering the project was for understanding. This newspaper echoed that request but called on the council to ensure there was flexibility and good communication in return.

All sides have delivered. There is a greater prize to be had in the form of the best road network in the country. Let us hope the good work continues.

It’s time to shave

FRUSTRATED wives and girlfriends will be happy that November has come to an end.

For they can look forward to a pucker up with their loved ones without having to negotiate around some form of hairy, bristly upper lip.

Yes, it is the end of Movember and blokes can shave off their ’taches. It has all been for a good cause to raise awareness of men’s health issues, especially prostate cancer. It is not often men take their health seriously and this has been an ingenious way to get them involved.