Opinion: Fighting back

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What are the things that annoy you most about where you live?

Chances are that the list will include some, or all, of the following: rubbish in the streets, yobs, nuisance neighbours.

Good news then that new powers handed to the city council will tackle these issues and the many more “trivial” matters that can make life a misery for people across the city.

These things are not classed as serious crime, but they are the problems that affect most people and can mean a poor quality of life for families.

Now people will be able to tell the powers that be what’s upsetting them and action will be taken.

We are also likely to see more police officers on our streets, thanks to a new scheme that will use technology to good effect.

Employing police officers is expensive, and puts a strain on stretched budgets.

It’s sensible then to equip those officers to be able to carry out more of their paperwork out on the street, not hidden away back at base.

We’ll get 150,000 more hours of visible policing. Good news for law-abiding citizens who like the reassurance and bad news for the criminal element who will be deterred by the sight of “bobbies on the beat”.