OPINION: Fee row won’t be parked up

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Paying to park outside your own home is always going to be controversial.

In Sheffield it is a reality for thousands of residents living in busy or popular areas such as Broomhill, Hillsborough and Sharrow Vale.

There is a need for these parking zones, to make sure householders are given priority on the streets and don’t have to park miles away.

But is there a need to triple the cost of permits ?

That is the question which has angered a small group of residents to the point where they are now hoping to take legal action against Sheffield Council.

They claim the authority is generating revenue from permits when by law it should not, although the council has previously said it does not even make enough money to cover the operational costs of the schemes.

The fee was first increased in 2012, when it was doubled as part of meeting budget cuts.

After a similar campaign in London the High Court ruled that a council could not raise its permit prices, and residents should be refunded.

It is too early to say whether Sheffield’s new action group will have the same success, but this is obviously an issue that will not be parked for some time yet.

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