OPINION: Fast way to earn money?

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If you have received a speeding fine after driving along the M1 recently you’re not alone.

A Freedom of Information request by The Star to South Yorkshire Safety Cameras has revealed that almost 8,000 motorists have been fined £100 each and had points put on their licences for exceeding a temporary 50mph limit on the 28 miles between junction 28 at Alfreton and junction 31 near Rotherham

The speed limit of 50mph has been in place on both carriageways since November 5 last year as £54 million of barrier replacement works take place. Since then 7,799 motorists have been fined for flouting the limit.

It is an astonishing number and even more galling when work on that stretch of motorway appears to be moving even slower than the traffic.

Speeding cannot be condoned but it does sometimes make you wonder whether some of these sections of road are used as cash cows.

If you’re driving up and down that part of the M1 every day just one minor loss of concentration could lead to a hefty fine.

Ah, campaigners will say that’s why the cameras are in place. It’s a fair point but it won’t make you feel any less frustrated when the fine and points arrive.