Opinion: Education is way forward

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The issue of teenage pregnancy is one that is emotive for all concerned.

There is the consideration that baby was conceived when either parent was under the age of consent and so was breaking the law.

And there’s the matter that elder teenagers are often not in a position to provide for their new-born without help from relatives or the state.

Having said that, it would be patronising to suggest that teenagers can only be capable of being good parents if they have their hands held by ‘adults’.

Today we tell the stories of several teenage mums who are fighting back against negative stereotypes and who are revelling in their new 

The most important thing for any new parent – young or old – is strong support at the right time.

However, education is needed to ensure that teenagers – male and female – know what the consequences of their actions can be. Bringing up a child is the most important thing anyone will do.

We salute the mums in today’s paper for their courage in battling the stereotypes but we also urge that young people are given better information before potentially changing their lives forever.