OPINION: Don’t make strike woe

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South Yorkshire firefighters were due to strike at noon today and, whatever we think of the reasons behind the protest, we must all heed the advice of chief fire officer Jamie Courtney. The brigade will be responding to 999 calls but it is vital that you only call in a real emergency. This is not a time for pranks or pleas for help that other services could resolve. Contingency staff are on stand by and a small number of fire engines will be available but fewer than normal. So check your smoke alarm and don’t be afraid to dial 999 if you find yourself in an emergency - but, more than ever, don’t put lives at risk with silly calls and let’s hope this dispute is sorted out quickly.


First war

As we move closer to the centenary of the start of World War I there are lots of historical projects being organised in Sheffield. It is right and fitting that, as a city, we pull together and unite to honour every one of those who left here for the frontline and never returned. It is also a time to look back and appreciate just how much life has changed over those 100 years. We might think we have it tough now but, as the articles we will be publishing over the coming months will make clear, it is nothing compared to what our ancestors lived through.


Which of Sheffield’s old buildings are worth preserving? That question has caused plenty of heated debate over the years. Now Castle House and the former home of cutlery designer David Mellor are among the buildings highlighted in a history of architecture exhibition. Interesting choices? We are sure readers will have lots to say about preserving our city’s best buildings for the future.