Opinion: Don’t dump the problem

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The fly-tippers who dump rubbish at Heeley City Farm should be ashamed of themselves. Their selfish acts are in danger of making the site a hygiene risk because the discarded waste blocks the bins and means they cannot be collected. Being presented with a health risk to visitors, staff and volunteers is something the site simply should not have to deal with. Fly-tipping is illegal for three good reasons – it poses a risk to health, presents a hazard to vehicles and is anti-social. So the message is clear – if you’re tempted to fly-tip, think again. Selfishly solving your own problem presents many more to others and a much-loved charity like Heeley City Farm should not suffer due to others’ thoughtlessness.

Teenagers set example

It is always pleasing to see teenagers step up for a challenge as they are so often unfairly criticised. Adolescents can be easy targets for the sceptics but those who took part in a Citizen Service programme showed just what they were made of. These 16- and 17-year-olds volunteered with environment charity Groundwork, which works on green projects in disadvantaged communities. And it proved a perfect marriage as the teenagers were given a chance to develop leadership, teamwork and communication while giving to others. Projects like this deserve praise because young people who are active citizens have a positive impact on our communities. The volunteer youths of today can be the community leaders of tomorrow and this is an excellent way of helping city neighbourhoods prosper.

Our heroes

It’s time to vote for your Healthcare Heroes as we seek to honour those who go the extra mile. The shortlist of five listed in today’s edition present the qualities which make these awards so special. They are winners already but only one can scoop the award, so read their stories and decide.