Opinion: Do we mean business?

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The Star: Opinion.
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Two prominent politicians have criticised Sheffield Council for having an ‘ambivalent and sometimes hostile’ attitude which holds back development.

Of course, Nick Clegg and former council leader Paul Scriven have an agenda. But we do worry about what perception outsiders have of our city, particularly following the lukewarm response to Ikea’s proposals for a store. Labour says it will work with Ikea through the planning process and we hope this proves a fruitful process. Ikea’s plan offers the city the chance to show it is open to developers and will work with them to help bring jobs and investment to the city. If the council proves a willing partner, business will come our way.


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Philosopher George Santayana’s quote featured heavily in the visit Sheffield sixth formers made to Auschwitz. For the Holocaust Educational Trust’s vital work, considered so important it is funded by the Government, aims to show where prejudice can lead. The visit has certainly opened the eyes of local students who will now spread the message to their peers and have vowed to ‘do better’. Every child should be given the chance to learn this message.


Its easy to taker our hospital services for granted because they are so good. But today’s Healthy Living feature reminds us just how far the services have come. There was a time when the side-effects of radiotherapy treatment to the patient’s skin were described as being ‘burnt’. Advances in delivering and targeting treatment have meant the effects are kept as minimal as possible and we now approach treatment with confidence. We are lucky to live in a city with such good hospitals offering such excellent treatment.