OPINION: Decision has to be made on police behaviour at the Orgreave coking plant

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Two years is a long time to remain silent.

But that is the situation since a request for an investigation into police behaviour at the Orgreave coking plant in the summer of 1984 during the miners strike.

On that fateful day 95 miners were arrested after clashes with police, many in riot gear, some on horseback.

When the cases came to court – with many miners on riot charges facing custodial sentences – all were abandoned when it became clear that the oral and written evidence provided by the police was unreliable.

Why the silence?

Two years is a long time to consider a decision and it is about time an answer was given.

That day at Orgreave was just one terrible 24 hours in a struggle that ripped the heart out of many South Yorkshire communities.

The damage can never be repaired and there are generations of families who are still dealing with the consequences.

To those making the decision, 1984 and Orgreave may seem a long time and a long way away.

But to those involved the memories are as fresh as yesterday. Whatever the outcome – palatable or unpalatable – just make your minds up.