OPINION: dawson is awesome!

Dawson Lambert
Dawson Lambert
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PART of being a decent human being, I would argue, is one’s willingness to do something for the benefit of someone else – be it a loved one or a charitable cause that’s close to your heart.

Take the current army of moustachioed gents (no, not those pictured right in the Go As You Please race) sprouting whiskers from their upper lips in the charity whirlwind that is Movember: it’s just a very small gesture that will help improve men’s health, but it’s very conceptual and difficult to relate to the people who will eventually benefit from the funds raised. Then take Dawson Lambert, a young lad who could barely walk until the intervention of Sheffield Children’s Hospital. The plucky nine-year-old struggled to sit up, and couldn’t take a single step until he was almost three years old. ‘Awesome Dawson’, as he’s known to friends and family, baffled doctors as they struggled to diagnose what was causing him so much pain from the smallest of movements that many of us would naturally take for granted. Undeterred by all of this, and motivated by a determination to beat the wheelchair he once spent eight weeks rolling around in, the diminutive boy set about walking 10 miles in order to raise as much money as he could for the Children’s Hospital Charity which helped to give him his mobility. His motivation was to say thank you, and to do all he could to help children just like him to live a better life. So with Christmas around the corner, perhaps we should all question whether or not we’ve done something for someone else this year. Have you?