OPINION: David’s story is not unique

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It won’t have been easy for Sheffield businessman David Bradford to step up and share his experience of gambling addiction.

Compulsive gambling nearly tore his family apart – yet together they have faced it and are slowly rebuilding their lives.

David has had the courage to speak out because he knows he is not the only person in Sheffield to have found themselves in gambling hell.

If he can stop just one other person from ending up in his position, he says his family’s campaign will have been worth it.

Last month, The Star reported Campaign for Fairer Gambling figures that Sheffield residents lost £12 million to betting machines in the city last year. There are 299 fixed-odds betting terminals in Sheffield, and they have been described as being as addictive as crack cocaine.

We have also reported on the ‘betting shop invasion’ in our city centre.

More needs to be done to stop gambling addiction from destroying lives. The Bradford family is doing their bit with the #gambleresponsibly campaign and their appearance tonight on a Channel Five documentary.

Rather than looking back on David’s past, let’s support him and his family as they work towards a better future for all.