OPINION: Crackdown on burglars

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There can be no more sickening feeling than arriving home and finding your house or flat has been ransacked by burglars.

It’s not just the stealing of material possessions that can be replaced such as televisions or computers it’s the items that are taken which money can’t buy back.

A piece of jewellery from a now deceased relative or a present that may be low in cost but high in sentimental value.

There’s also the knowledge that people have been in your home and have been through all your personal possessions. Nothing feels clean anymore. Everything feels different.

Today we tell the story of Betty and John Asher from Todwick who are trying to get back to some form of normality after their home was ransacked.

Thankfully there is some good news after police arrested 43 suspects in the first three weeks of a crackdown on burglaries and the trade of stolen goods in Sheffield. Police chiefs are concentrating on driving down burglary offences following an increase in offending.

Burglars are a menace to society. They don’t just steal people’s property they take away their peace of mind. If found guilty the courts shouldn’t be shy in handing out fitting sentences.