OPINION: Clegg vows to ‘survive’

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Has anyone yet managed to count the number of yellow-handled knives plunged into the back of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg?

If it wasn’t bad enough that the electorate saw fit to furnish his face with a bloody nose at the polls, he’s now having to peer suspisciously over his shoulder in order to avoid the aggressive advances of his own party.

‘It’s been a tough week’, he told The Star in his first newspaper interview since the ballot box bashing. You can say that again, Mr Clegg.

From secret ballots on his future to outright calls for his resignation –all from those who really ought to have rallied round and supported their man...if they believed in him.

Make no mistake about it, having the number two in charge at Number 10 Downing Street is a good thing for Sheffield. He is perfectly positioned to ensure our city can capitalise on opportunities that others may never know existed.

But will he be around for much longer to help this city from such a lofty position?

He has told us that he is confident the public will put its faith in him and vote him back in. Hard to believe when his own party is savaging its own hind quarters.

by James Mitchinson