OPINION: City food bank crisis

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In a civilised society no one should go hungry but today The Star reveals the number of Sheffield residents using food banks has soared.

The ‘Share’ scheme which serves Parson Cross gave out food to 651 needy adults and children between January and June this year. It is almost the same amount recorded for the whole of 2013, when 694 food parcels were given out.

The scheme has sent a report to the government’s All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into food and poverty, which is investigating the extent and causes of hunger in Britain.

Without knowing the individual details of each family it is difficult to know how household budgets are spent.

Some may say their money should be spent more wisely with food as the priority.

However, reports from the scheme say families felt ‘ashamed’ at having to use the food banks to help feed their children.

There can’t be many households who haven’t felt the pinch in recent years.

Thousands of public sector workers were on strike yesterday because of real-term pay cuts.

Food banks, claim the government, are a last resort. But at what number do they start to define part of the community?