OPINION: Charity can be on any day

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There is something very satisfying about donating money to charity.

Whether it is the pennies at the bottom of a child’s piggy bank or a big-cheque presentation from a multi-national company the act of giving should be celebrated and encouraged.

Not everyone can afford to give money and, of course, the purpose of charity is to help those who need it most.

Today Comic Relief, also known as Red Nose Day, is being celebrated all over South Yorkshire.

Schools, businesses, hospitals and every sort of institution in between are getting involved.

We have a proud record in our area of taking part in fundraising events and today will be no different.

But it’s not for everyone. Some people turn the TV off as soon as the programme comes on - and that’s fine.

No one should feel compelled to give money. Charity, unlike tax, isn’t demanded of us and we should all remember that.

Today is about having a bit of fun and donating whatever you like.

It may not be money, some charities may prefer your time.

Whatever people can do to help out those most in need can only be a good thing whether it is on Red Nose Day or any day.