Opinion: Buses drive big debate

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What is your view of the bus service in Sheffield? We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers and here’s a selection of their responses.

“Wonderful. Some bus drivers are grumpy but nothing wrong with Sheffield buses,” Brenda Mordey.

“Never on time,” Leanne Gleeson.

“Always late and some bus drivers are miserable and rude. If it wasn’t for us passengers, they wouldn’t have a job,” Kim Stenton.

“I think some drivers must be unhappy because of how passengers talk to them! I’d be miserable if I had to suffer that at work all day,” Aidan Lee Croft.

“What about Donny, Barnsley & Rotherham? Not just Sheffield, we all will say bus services are overpriced. Lots of clapped-out stock and rejects from other areas,” Mick Jenkinson

“Let’s be fair, I sit as a passenger and regularly hear fellow passengers talk to drivers like dog muck! Unfortunately, yes buses are late but really how some people react it is over the top,” David Bez Berrisford.

“Bad. I got on a 48 at 9.30pm the other week due to the fact I work nights, only for the 
bus driver to say sorry you can’t have a weekly saver at this time of night, you’ll have to buy a single into town as I’ve got no wallets for the pass. 
So I got off and had to wait an 
extra half an hour,” Tanya Gray.

“I get the bus to work everyday. The 35 36 37 bus services are the worst in Sheffield,” MJ Roome.

“I use the 98 service that covers Totley Brook and can only praise the service. The buses are three times per hour, generally on time and provide value for money,” David Langhorn.

“One of the main reasons touring bands miss out Sheffield is the poor transport links in an evening, especially within outlying areas of the city,” Mark Walton.

“The number 53 must be the worst ! Nearly always late or missing,” Tina Kerr.

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