OPINION: bus boom is good news

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We’re being tempted back onto the buses – that’s the message the Sheffield Bus Partnership’s latest figures spell out. In just three months passenger numbers have risen by five per cent, an increase which bosses say comes after years of decline. These figures can only be good news. There are often complaints about a supposed ‘anti-car’ policy in Sheffield, but in reality we are no different from any other big city in the UK – if we allowed cars to roam free the place would soon grind to a gridlocked halt. There are also the environmental factors, as well as the sheer convenience of having a punctual, well-resourced bus network. But the passenger boost also shows that the years of fierce competition, with bus companies vying to fill their vehicles’ seats on lucrative routes, were futile. Only by working together are firms providing the service passengers want.

Crackdown on tippers

So it’s come to this. CCTV cameras are being installed in Page Hall to catch litter louts in the act of dumping rubbish. Residents have complained of their streets being strewn with debris, from chicken carcasses to household waste, and now extreme measures are being taken. But, if security cameras are what is needed to bring the flytippers to justice, then so be it. However, while the CCTV may act as a deterrent, robust action needs to be taken to actually identify and fine culprits captured on film.

He’ll be a hit on the pitch

Doncaster Rovers’ reserves side won’t have seen anything like it when boyband member Louis Tomlinson steps out for his first full competitive match against Scunthorpe on September 18. The usual attendance is sure to be swelled by hordes of avid pop fans, but let’s hope Louis’ talents point in ‘one direction’ – towards the goal net.