Opinion: Black friday is a big boost

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If you love your shopping and bargains galore then today’s the day for you.

Black Friday arrives in South Yorkshire with all the hoopla and razzamataz you’d associate with an event that finds its way here from across the Atlantic Ocean.

And while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is no doubting the boost it gives to retailers across city and town centres and beyond to the shopping malls and retail parks.

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Prices have been slashed, extra staff deployed and hours extended – with some shops opening from 6am – as stores brace themselves for what is set to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

In Sheffield the new land train, which its debut yesterday, will make the Moor Market easier to access.

Yes, Black Friday is a gimmick. Yes, it is dreamed up by business to get more people into shops.

But these stores are staffed by hard-working people whose livelihoods depends on others spending money there.

Anything that gets people putting money into the local economy and sees cash registers ringing is to be applauded. We hope Meadowhall, The Moor, Fargate and town centres across our area are packed with shoppers.

Bring on the bargains!