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IT’S official: Yorkshire is the third best region in the world to visit, that is if you believe the authors of travel guide Lonely Planet.

Now of course, you can always tell a Yorkshireman, according to one certain proverb, but you can’t tell him much.

And so it will come as no surprise to the residents of ‘God’s own county’ that people on the outside looking in are marvelling at the wonders of the place Sheffielders call home.

But my question to Yorkshire, and indeed Sheffield in particular, is: do we shout about how brilliant we are, or do we hide our lights under whichever bushel might provide a convenient stash spot?

It is absolutely crucial that during moments afforded us by opportunities such as that proffered by Lonely Planet we reach out and grab it by the horns.

If an international travel guide is declaring we’re the best region in Britain - and the third best in the world – for people outside of the county to spend their down-time, then we do not want to blush and bat away the compliment.

What Sheffield needs to do is tell the world exactly why this city is a jewel in Yorkshire’s crown, and why there is yet more to come.

The leaders of this city – and they know who they are and what their responsibilities are – should be clamouring all over me in order to showcase their wares to the millions of visitors who look at Sheffield through www.thestar.co.uk.

Metaphorically speaking Yorkshire has been presented with an open goal, ahead of rival counties. As an organisation that prides itself on talking up this city, I am throwing down the gauntlet to the city’s leaders to come up with a list of reasons why those tempted to visit Yorkshire – thanks to the invitations handed out by Lonely Planet – should make the Steel City their first port of call. From business and innovation to education, care, manufacturing et al.

Get your pitch in to: news@thestar.co.uk, today!

by James Mitchinson,