Opinion: Back your city’s name

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The Star: Opinion.
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This newspaper has taken a leading role in the fight to protect the name of Sheffield. And now we need our readers to come on board.

The Government is trying to take away from Sheffield its ability to endorse any company that wants to set up in business and use the name of this great city in its title. That could mean that genuine bona fide made in Sheffield companies could be undermined by cheap imposters trying to muscle in on the quality hallmark of their businesses. And that means that jobs could be lost and contracts go outside of the city. It is a massively important battle that we simply must win. We are one of the very few cities that has a Cutler’s Company - part of whose role is to protect the name of Sheffield. We should jealously guard that privilege. So what do we want you to do? It’s simple really. We want you to go to the Downing Street petition website and sign it online. The address is to be found in the story on page 5 today. We want you to write to your MP if you haven’t got access to a computer and make sure they have your support. We believe this is a campaign we can win, but it needs to demonstrate the overwhelming support of the people of this city. So get on board and sign the petition.

Showcasing our talent

Teacher Adil Nasim shows just what talent and passion we have in our classrooms and deserves his nomination in our Education Awards 2013. It is believed that Adil has invented the first downloadable app that promotes his school, Sheffield Park Academy, leading the way at the touch of a button.
His creation will be a great tool to illustrate all the great work that goes on at the academy to existing and potential new pupils and their parents. But his creativity is only one example of the great work and ingenuity that exists. Our Education Awards sing the praises of teachers, pupils and support workers at our schools. Make sure your school is nominated by sending in your entry by June 7.