Opinion: Answers are needed now

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The people of South Yorkshire have a right to ask what is going on with their police force.

In the same week the country’s focus has been on Rotherham after revelations of horrific levels of child sex abuse in the town a damning report today reveals that South Yorkshire Police ‘hid’ the ‘true extent’ of serious crime and left vulnerable victims ‘unprotected or at risk’.

Don’t be confused by the two stories.

Yes, the Rotherham scandal will inevitably make people think this report is solely about that but it isn’t.

The investigation by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary into the force’s ‘crime reporting integrity’ found almost a quarter of the crimes it examined, which should have been recorded, were not.

It simply beggars belief that people, some of them the most vulnerable in our society, are reporting a crime and it isn’t being recorded by the police.

Indeed the police have been found to actively try and ‘disprove’ a crime has been committed in the first place.

This week has opened the eyes of many people to what is actually happening on our streets.

The police say they are learning lessons. Hopefully they’re doing it quickly.