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The Star Opinion: Boxing Day, December 26, 2013
The Star Opinion: Boxing Day, December 26, 2013
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This week the big supermarkets have been filing their Christmas profits. Boo hoo – several of the big names report that they made less money as families were tightening their belts this festive season.

That may be hard to believe for most of us who are now well into that post-Christmas tradition of trying to fight the festive flab caused by the excesses of the season.

Tightening our belts and perhaps opting for basic rather than the luxury mince pies is one thing – not being able to feed your family AT ALL is a very different matter.

But that, sadly, is becoming the reality for many in Sheffield in 2014.

Like towns and cities across the UK the divisions between the haves and have-nots is becoming ever more marked.

That hit home to staff at Handsworth Grange Community School when a teenager reported that she’d not eaten all weekend so that her family could.

In their midst, sitting among her mates who had all the latest gizmos in the bedrooms and must-have fashionable clothes was a girl whose family could not afford to eat, let alone splash out on the latest PS game.

The school swung into action, providing a Christmas parcel for the girl’s family and vowing to support their local food bank.

The plight of their fellow pupil really got the message home that people are starving in Sheffield and in just three days 800 jars, tins and packets were collected.

What a fantastic effort , proving once again that Sheffielders have hearts of gold.

They really should be proud of what they’ve done.

But the fact that in 2014 people in Sheffield, and elsewhere, are relying on food banks to survive is a sad indictment on our society, more specifically on the Government and on big business driven by huge profits. The supermarkets may have made less proft this year, but they still made millions.

Food banks look like they are here to stay for some time, though, and they obviously do a great job,so if you can, stick an extra tin in your trolley and support one.