Opinion: A mystery of history

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The Star: Opinion.
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How did 15 bodies disappear from the burial crypt of one of Sheffield’s most important families?

It sounds like the stuff of a historical detective novel but this is a modern-day mystery which offers a fascinating glimpse of our city’s past. Workmen at Sheffield Cathedral discovered the missing coffins when they stumbled across the entrance to the Shrewsbury tomb. Just two coffins were inside, but at least 17 members of the Shrewsbury family were laid to rest there. This is an intriguing mystery because the Shrewsbury family are an integral part of Sheffield’s history. We hope the case can be solved and add another chapter to a city steeped in history.

Now is time for action

The worrying figures for premature deaths in this region should surprise nobody. The health inequalities which exist here are well-documented, but the figures do reinforce just how much work needs to be done to improve our prospects. Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham all score poorly with early deaths from cancer, heart attacks, strokes, liver and lung problems. Sheffeld’s Fairness Commission has studied the issue and drawn up a report but we now need an action plan which begins to tackle such a difficult and far-reaching problem.

schoolboys set example

The three Barnsley schoolboys who helped police track down a suspect after a street robbery fully deserve the commendations they got from police. We can all learn a lesson from Connor Asquith, Michael Heavey and Lewis Sutton who followed a suspect and reported him to a security guard. Their efforts meant police were able to find the suspect on CCTV footage and arrest him. This is the sort of citizenship we should all aspire to and is fully deserving of the highest recognition.