OPINION: A fine scheme if not caught

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The reaction to the article we published yesterday about the bus lane camera on Ecclesall Road has provided some interesting comments from readers.

Figures from the council show the device issued 291 fines on January 5 alone. Despite the huge amount of motorists being caught out by the camera solidarity among motorists seems in short supply.

Yes, by the letter of the law, if a motorist has strayed into the bus lane they should be fined but are there really that many drivers getting it wrong?

The cameras should serve as a way of keeping the bus lane clear rather than penalising a driver who may have erred by a couple of yards.

When the cameras were installed several motorists who were captured on film received warning letters to say the scheme was underway – this approach should be praised.

Many will say that drivers only have themselves to blame if caught, however it can only really be fair is signs are clear and there is ample warning that the cameras are operating.

Nothing is more annoying that someone deliberately flouting motoring laws but equally so people who would consider themselves careful drivers are also being fined, which only breeds a sense of resentment towards the scheme.