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Left to pay crime price

Metal theft is by no means a new problem but it seems we have reached a new low with the disappearance of the gates at Scallywags nursery in Nether Edge. Experts say the mean-hearted criminals will not make much money by selling the specially-made gates but the impact on children at Scallywags is huge. It means they can’t play out safely until the nursery has forked out thousands of pounds to replace them. Add on to that the fact that the thieves also snatched a bouncy castle – which they won’t be able to use as it needs a special compressor for inflation – and it leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth. As always it just goes to show that while crime doesn’t pay, the rest of us certainly pay the price for the callous actions of the minority – no matter how young or old.

Road safety moves slow

Drivers will have to slow to 30mph as they pass Ecclesfield Comprehensive thanks to the Streets Ahead programme. It is a welcome conclusion to a four-year campaign and will hopefully cut the number of children involved in accidents there. On a less positive note, legal powers to tackle dangerous parking have been completed at just 34 of 179 schools. The council says it is moving forward but is being hinded by the massive cuts hitting every aspect of local authority spending. Clearly the sooner the better – but in tough times saving money by dealing with several schools under a single order does seem to make sense.

Clubbing in tough times

Welcome back Corporation ... or should we say Local Authority. The newly expanded Milton Street nightclub throws open its doors tomorrow after a £400,000 makeover. Great to see a local business can thrive and Sheffield folk can still party in these tough times.