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Sporting achievers

Last night saw the opening parade of the Transplant Games, heralding three days of sporting competition in this city. Many of the participants will have emotional, courageous and heart-rending stories behind their sporting achievements - achievements that to many are simply that they are alive today to compete. We are proud to be hosting the Games once again - a testament to the support this city and region has given those behind the organisation that has brought them back to Sheffield. We look forward to covering the Games over the next three days and helping to share their achievements with the people of Sheffield. Of course, if you can spare time to watch, we encourage you to do so, for these are athletes are real achievers.

BB guns are not toys

To youngsters, brandishing BB guns may make them feel important and hardcore, but as the response from the police demonstrates it is an act of stupidity that could easily end in the loss of life. Firearms officers are highly trained in dealing with firearms incidents, but it is easy to mistake an imitation gun for the real thing - and anything therefore can result from that. So not only could the culprits endanger other people’s lives, they are putting their own at risk too. BB guns are not toys.

Racism has no place

We have come a long way since the days when Laurie Cunningham graced the turf at football grounds around the country. Sadly during his era, he was subjected to racist abuse because of the colour of his skin. Of, course, he was not alone.But while progress has been made, thanks in part to the Football Unites, Racism Divides campaign, there are still vestiges of racism that exist. It has no place in our national game or in our society and we wholeheartedly endorse the work of this campaign group.