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We need to keep Jess

As we approach the first anniversary of the Olympics thoughts turn to the legacy that has been left by the games. Here in South Yorkshire, there will be a lot to celebrate. More people are taking part in sporting activities, schoolchildren have been invigorated by the games and there is a greater focus on competitive sport. However, one of the sporting landmarks of Sheffield, Don Valley, will close in two months and there is speculation that Golden Girl Jess Ennis-Hill will have to leave the city in search of a decent training facility. The city must be careful to do everything it can not to lose Jess permanently. She can be the figurehead for sporting excellence in the city and she plays an important role in developing that. We cannot afford to lose our jewel in the crown.

Come clean on car tax

It is a widely held belief that motorists are seen as cash cows when it comes to the Government and councils collecting revenues. The fuel duty we have to pay is extortionate. But increasingly, motorists are being hit in the pocket for the privilege of parking their cars outside their homes, too. Now that policy has been tested and seems to have been criticised by the High Court. The council now needs to publish its figures on revenue generated against the cost of administering permits.

Soccer fans win praise

After weeks of planning for the arrival of Rangers fans and with 220 police officers on duty, we are delighted to report that the occasion passed off peacefully and was enjoyed by all. Football fans are often criticised but South Yorkshire Police has been quick to praise them for good behaviour after the match. With a Grand Prix cycle race at the same time, there was always the possibility that the night could have presented difficulties, so all credit to everyone who made it such a success.